Kathryn Shayler Has Another Passion in Life Aside from Animals

Take a walk into the clubhouse and you will see no fewer than ten pictures of Robert in action. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2016, but he will be forever remembered as one of the best cricketers to walk through the doors at Bath Cricket Club.

He played for the Men’s First XI team for ten years and was part of the team that won the Western League in 1974. That year, he was the top scorer in the competition by a country mile.

Kathryn’s love for cricket came from watching her dad play every weekend. She wanted to join the club so that she could play herself, but they did not have a girl’s cricket team at the time. However, they allowed her to play with the boy’s team when they were training for their weekend matches and, as it turns out, she was pretty good at cricket herself.

When she moved to London to study, she stopped playing, but that love for cricket is something that has remained. Nowadays, she will always do her best to find the time to watch the England national team, especially when they are playing an ODI match. The owner of this site of cricket match prediction well predicted the winner by the way.

A Request from the Bath Cricket Club

If you have read the homepage, then you will know that she moved back to Bath eventually as this is where she opened her Keylime Creative company.

One day in January 2019, there was a knock at the door, and it was the President of the Bath Cricket Club. She invited him in for some tea, where he informed her that the cricket club would be hosting a big event at the end of July to celebrate their 160th birthday. Now, since her father was the best player to play for Bath, he thought that it would be very fitting to have his face on the tablecloths and the pillows on the chairs. Basically, wherever an image of her father could fit. 

He understood that she was really busy, but he just thought it would be a fitting tribute to her father. Besides, he had seen her work with animals and thought they were fantastic. He was even planning on buying a cushion case with their border collie on for his wife’s birthday.

She was really busy, but it was to honor her beloved father and she was actually quite overwhelmed by the fact that they wanted to do such a thing for him. So, she agreed and set about making the items in her spare time.

It was hard work, but she got there in the end and she was actually really proud of the products that she had made. When she showed them to the President, he was really pleased too. Furthermore, everyone who attended the party thought they were fantastic.

This Led to Even More Business

The party worked out as a great advertisement campaign for Keylime Creative. Those who had not seen her work, got to see it close up and really liked it.

At the beginning of July, England won the Cricket World Cup for the very first time. After the party, she inundated with requests by local cricket fans to create cushion and pillowcases with Ben Stokes on or with the England team lifting the trophy.

She had never really intended on moving into sports, but business is business and she would have been stupid to turn down such requests. So, if you want a cricket-themed gift yourself, feel free to contact them and they will be more than happy to sort you out.

It is safe to say that she helped Bath Cricket Club out and they helped her out.