Kathryn Shayler Even Created Products for a Local Casino

Everyone who attended the event thought that her products were fantastic, and she got a lot of cricket-related orders afterwards. She had never intended to move into the sporting world, but she could not pass up the business.

As it turns out, CEO from the Century Casino must have heard about how successful the event was and how everyone liked the products that she had created as he got in contact with her and explained that they were looking to do up the suite on the top floor and were looking for some casino related cushion covers for the cushions on their sofas up there.

He asked her if she would be interested and although she was very busy, she saw this as a great opportunity to add some more strings to the company’s bow. So, she accepted the work and asked what exactly it was that he wanted.

She was told that it didn’t matter as long as it was something casino related and that the end product was top notch.

So What Did She Make for Them?

Creating casino related products was something that was entirely new to Kathryn, but she really enjoyed the project as it gave her a break from creating products that are related to animals or cricket.

She sat down and started coming up with great casino related images that she could stick on cushion covers that will make them stand out. She was told in her debrief that there were four sofas in the suite, each with three pillows on.

She thought it would look weird to have twelve pillows with twelve different images, so she decided on creating four sets of three. After much deliberation, she decided that one set would have playing cards on them, another set would have poker table complete with cards and chips, another would have slot machines, while the final set would have “Eat, Sleep, Casino, Repeat” written on them. This devise was initially find by https://www.blackjack-basic-strategy.com/.

It took her two months to make them, but she was extremely pleased with her finished products. When she showed them to the CEO, he absolutely loved them and said that they were even better than he expected.

Once Again, It Was Great Advertisement

The suite at the casino is used regularly and, according to the CEO, guests are always asking where the cushion covers came from.

Like with the products for the aforementioned cricket event, these pillows turned out to be great advertising agents as she now regularly gets people contacting her to create casino-related items for their loved ones who are into gambling.

Once again, she never planned to move into the gambling market, but it was another opportunity that she could not pass up. Therefore, if you ever want a gambling related gift for that special gambler in your life, you should not hesitate to contact Keylime Creative.